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Boise State SkillStack Digital Badge Platform

Boise State has partnered with the Idaho SkillStack initiative to provide a high quality, flexible platform for delivering, storing, and displaying digital badges.

What is Idaho SkillStack?

""Idaho SkillStack is a technology platform that allows Idaho’s public education institutions to award digital badges or “micro-certifications” for the knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies) demonstrated by individuals participating in classes and professional development/training programs.

To be successful, SkillStack badges must be tied to the skills and competencies in demand by business and industry. Gathering input on badge design from our colleagues in business and industry is a best practice and is strongly encouraged. If a badge is not valued by them, it will be of little real value to badge recipients.

With SkillStack, Boise State has created a mechanism for tracking, storing, and validating Digital Badges that is unique in the nation. The SkillStack platform offers flexibility, portability, and clear standards for learners, evaluators, and the business community.

Digital Badging is a new practice and we are leading the way in Idaho and beyond.